Pop Plans for JES to "Get Me Through the Night"

Grammy Nominated Singer Songwriter Releases Pop-Crossover OUT NOW

Grammy Nominated Singer Songwriter Releases Pop-Crossover OUT NOW

There are few dance music vocalists as prolific as JES, whose mesmerizing voice has redefined the electronic dance music landscape with instantly recognizable classics like Motorcycle’s “As the Rush Comes,” the Grammy Nominated “Hold On” and the critically acclaimed “Everything” with the legendary Tiesto.

Joining the company of artists like Ellie Goulding, Paloma Faith, Zara Larson; JES becomes the newest thought provoking songstresses to cross over with her new single “Get Me Through the Night,” a poignant and emotionally stirring stand out from her upcoming EP. The track opens with her signature melodic synth and is soon joined by a deep bassline that carries through its powerful chorus. JES’s lyrical consciousness is on display with “Get Me Through the Night”, a commentary on the yearning for human connection in the vast emptiness of today’s hearts. JES wrote “Get Me Through the Night” as a message of encouragement to her listeners.

“When the night brings out the sadness of a messed up love, that emptiness can be filled with the strength of pushing through the bad times,” says JES when asked about the lyrics. “I wanted to write something that put that idea of light and dark into the context of a relationship, because it all comes down to not giving up and having faith that you will pull through in the end.”

Her autobiographical, emotionally-charged lyrics carry appeal to all generations of music fans; it is simply impossible to listen to a JES songs without getting involved. Her audience has bought her to every continent in the world excluding Antarctica, (but it’s on her bucketlist). Performing in Kuala Lumpur for Mercedes Benz at the launch of their new worldwide “Urban Hunting” campaign to playing intimate shows, her second home is the stage. JES has proven herself every bit as capable of a producer and artist in her own right as she is a vocalist and live performer. JES launched her own label, Intonenation Records in 2015. It’s first single “Hold On” received a Grammy nomination the same year for Best Remixed Recording. JES continues to invest in independent artists, releasing her own music and electronic music’s most promising talent on Intonenation. She has created a constancy of positivity and emotion into the electronic dance music genre. A student of yoga and meditation practices JES knows that connection & consciousness brings people together, especially in the form of music.


JES “Get Me Through The Night” is Out Today Exclusively on Spotify. Add it to your Favorite Playlist!



As a divided world looks for beauty and substance amongst our collective disillusionment, JES displays her unique tranquility in the form of a new acoustic series that shines positivity and light. With two releases already available on digital streaming platforms or as free downloads, the dance icon will release an un-plugged version of one of her hits, a cover or a new track every month throughout the summer and fall.

“I love to do these acoustic versions of songs because it feels like you get to communicate the song in the purest way,” says JES.

The latest release in the series, “In Ohm,” asks a simple question that drives to the heart of our shared unrest. With a simple arrangement of piano, guitar and strings beautifully framing JES’ candid vocal performance, “In Ohm” will sooth your senses.

“I honestly feel that “In Ohm” is more relevant now than when I first recorded it,” said JES. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from traveling, it’s that we have to work hard to overcome our differences because there is no them–there’s only us.”

Out Now- REVKIN "The Journey"


Making his debut on Intonenation Records is LA based DJ and Producer REVKIN with his progressive trance jewel “The Journey”.

Bringing a fresh sense of optimism and aspiration “The Journey” opens with a playful build up of dirty bass and deep pads which flourishes into a sublime breakdown. Combining beautiful layers of piano, string and synth melodies with a massive energy rush “The Journey” takes off with a huge uplifting drop that carries you along for the ride. “The Journey” will instantly add inspiration to any peak time set with a panoramic energy and movement. 

Set free your inner traveller and join with REVKIN on “The Journey”.





Releasing through Intonenation Records is JES’ acoustic cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”.

“Photograph” is the first track of her new monthly acoustic series Intonenation will be releasing exclusively through Spotify. Pairing chiming pianos with folky acoustic guitar in a subtle arrangement JES plays on the songs emotional undertone with an enchanting vocal performance that brings a fresh sincerity and authenticity to the song. JES’ intimate adaptation paints a touching picture of the kind of teenage love affairs that we all wish we had.

Each month the dance icon will release an un-plugged version of one of her hits, a cover or a new track.

“I love to do these acoustic versions of songs because it feels like you get to communicate the song in the purest way” said JES. “It’s been really liberating to do a cover (version) because this song has a beautiful innocence and it’s so much fun to step into someone else shoes for a minute.”

JES has been well known for her chill-out and un-plugged renditions since the acoustic version of her hit “Everything” with Tiesto became a fan favorite on the Grammy nominated album “Elements Of Life”.

Dynamic Duo Disfunktion and Sebastian Serrano Launch Progressive House Roller Coaster "Falcons."


Dynamic duos have a long and glorious history in the storied world of comic book fiction. If however you’re searching for a pair of superheroes that you can believe in look no further than Disfunktion and Sebastian Serrano who release “Falcons”, their first collaboration through Intonenation Records.
Launching with a tech inspired groove and a contagious baseline “Falcons” glides effortlessly through build after build to a truly gigantic drop that combines furious energy with a dirty, funky electro synth line. Howling vocals and ripping basses combine with futuristic synths and block rocking beats for a journey that feels like a progressive house roller coaster. Falcons is adult fun for those who really want to take a walk on the wild side.
If you want to soar like a bird on the dance floor then team up with the dynamic duo of Disfunktion and Sebastian Serrano.

Tonski & JMA "Never Ever" Out Now


Following up their recent European hit “Move On” with Jonny Rose, Belgian Brothers Tonski & JMA reload with the massive progressive house anthem “Never Ever” releasing worldwide on Intonenation Records.

“Never Ever” is driven by a future proof synth theme laced with euphoric vocal cuts and and an emotive deep groove that will ignite any dance floor. The tension grows through an impassioned build up and crests into an intoxicating drop that feels like peak hour just arrived.

If anyone asks you when the party is over, make like Tonski and JMA and just say “Never Ever”.

Follow Tonski & JMA:
Website: http://tonskimusic.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/tonskimusic 
Twitter: http://twitter.com/djtonski 
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/tonski
Mixcloud: http://mixcloud.com/dj_Tonski

JES “Dreamweaver” (DAIMM Remix)


Some things remind us of the past. Some things allude to the future. Releasing worldwide through Intonenation Records is the DIAMM remix of JES’ reworking of “Dreamweaver” which manages to do both at the same time.

Making the most of a stunning vocal performance from JES, DIAMM frames this 1970s classic song with a massive Future House remix. Dreamy piano’s and pads give way to pulsating synths and detuned vocal riffs as the track develops from emotive phonetics into a pounding beat to get the dance floor shaking. Bold sounds and inventive twists keep the song unfolding and will make you hear “Dreamweaver” in a way you never thought possible. Take a step into the future with JES and DIAMM, and weave your dreams today.



Stretching the concept of late to the party to breaking point are Vegas beat smiths Vibonacci & Starward with a hypnotic deep house inspired remix of JES, Austin Leeds and Redhead Roman’s “Happy.”

These upcoming sin city DJ’s have created a polished twist on the original song with captivating circular synth lines and graceful flowing vocal melodies. Bringing the groove on strong is a heavy dose of latin influenced percussion and a deep tropical baseline which will keep any pool party dance floor moving into the sunset. Don’t worry, be happy with JES and Vibonacci & Starward. Coming to a pool party near you.



Releasing worldwide through Intonenation Records comes the third and final remix package of JES’ collaboration with Austin Leeds and Redhead Roman “Happy”. 

Featuring two very different takes on the concept of progressive house, remix pack three will keep the dance floor moving from PM to AM. 

Rickber Serrano & Gustavo MX bring the heat with a true big room progressive remix that's set for some major peak hour spins while Valorous takes a lighter approach with a super melodic drop and dark piano themes. Keep the progressive flag flying with pack three and make someone Happy today.







A stunning collection of deeper cuts in remix pack two takes JES, Austin Leeds and Redhead Roman’s Intonenation release “Happy" into the house zone. The pack features three sultry new mixes that will keep the terraces swaying from Miami to Ibiza all summer long. 

Floridian house masters Kings of 3 return with a deep vocal based mix with strong percussion and techno influenced synths. 2 Tall Keith brings a bubbly and hypnotic uptempo tech-infused mix that will ignite any dance floor with it's smoldering groove and Aileron & Karmani take us all the way back with an electro inspired disco jam. If you love house, it’s time to get Happy.