New JES "Cover Series" Release | "Let Him Go" (Passenger's Cover)

JES "Let Him Go" Cover

JES slows the groove down for this chill inspired electronic re-working of a modern standard. Combining pure electronic synths with an earthy groove and haunting reversed vocal effects the track provides the perfect platform for JES’ emotive vocal performance. Bringing a fresh perspective to a cherished anthem is never easy but JES approaches it with the same striking originality that has won her a legion of adoring fans. Proving again why she’s one of the most demanded voices on the planet, JES lends heartrending depth with a haunting vocal that perfectly wraps itself around the meaning of the song. 


This unique spin on the Passenger’s original brings the song to an entirely new place and will no doubt introduce JES’ to a whole new audience. So start 2019 with an open heart and if you have to, “Let Him Go.”


New Adam Sobiech Track Featuring Taxigirl "Always" Released

Trance powerhouse Adam Sobiech releases his brand new track ”Always” through Intonenation Records, featuring the unmistakable vocal styling of mysterious dance vocalist Taxigirl.

Leading off with an insistent groove “Always” picks up quickly with a subtle vocal riff building over layers of muted plucks and emerging textures before plunging into a deep atmospheric breakdown. Vocal layers rise up as the breakdown grows and muted synths bring new melodies towards an inevitable build. When the drop hits, the full weight of the vocal melody combines with layers of high energy synth and drums. The floor drops away and room lifts with excitement and a unique intensity. Moments like this don’t happen to often and as the track reaches the plateau of the outro it’s clear that we just went somewhere that we don’t often get to go to.

Get ready for a fall vacation with Adam Sobiech and Taxigirl, and take a trip to that place you always wanted to go.

Khievo Releases His Inspired New Dance Floor Filler Waterbourne

Trance vanguard Khievo releases his inspired new dance floor filler Waterbourne through Intonenation Records on September 14th. Layering thematic beauty with a feel good high energy rhythm track, the Ukranian inovator draws on this compositional skills for a result which is both contemporary and timeless.

Opening with a playful introduction Waterbourne feels like an invigorating blast of cold water on a hot summers day. From the start a solid underscored groove grows as the beginnings of the piano theme emerge and the track plunges into a deep breakdown. The piano theme develops and finally gives way to a captivating saw melody and the track rises again towards an impending crescendo. As the energy level rises and the drop kicks fully in the puzzle pieces fit perfectly together and Waterborne sets sail for peak hour taking the dance floor with it.

If you’re looking for a dancefloor adventure it’s time to cast off with Khievo, and get Waterborne.

Out Now Vibonacci & Starward “Rampage!”


Listen/Download Original:

Listen/Download MASiiVO remix:

Building on their solid remix history Vibonacci & Starward release the deeply energizing tech infused “Rampage!” along with a progressive house remix from MASiiVO in a double header through Intonenation Records.

Stewing in its own enraged saturation, the original mix makes inventive use distortion as a part of its main theme. Opening with a rolling techno rhythm track the bass riff builds into a suspense filled breakdown. Atmospheric vocal chops and stirring melodies build towards a reprise of the beat with an edgier bass-line as the song evolves with an impassioned  purpose. Raising once more through a more melodic breakdown the bass reprise brings a new level of angst and the riot begins again. Who needs therapy when you can “Rampage!”

The MASiiVO remix takes “RAMPAGE!” into a more progressive territory raising the mercury with repeating synth arpeggios and synth beats. Deep synth strings give way to synth drum crescendo and the groove takes off with modular melodies and complex layered textures. Blurring the line between tech house and techno MASiiVO’s remix will add depth and energy to any peak time dance-floor.

New “Get Me Through The Night” Chill Mixes From JES


Following up on the success of the original Pop/Dance release which hit the #1 spot on the Beatport Dance Releases Chart for JES last year comes the “Get Me Through The Night” Chill Mixes releasing through Intonenation Records.


The chill mix blurs the line between chill and tropical house with deep plucks and a smooth Wurlitzer counter point, building to a deep groove and an enchanting drop section featuring melodic synth leads and pitched vocal chops. JES’ beguiling vocals remain the guiding light of the song set beautifully against the rich rhythmic backing track. 


Also included in this release is supremely revealing acoustic piano rendition of the song. JES delivers a truly authentic performance, re-interpreting the original version to great effect in a live setting and revealing her depth as both a singer and a writer. 


When asked about the lyrics of the song JES responded, “It’s funny how the night can be such an exciting time. It’s like a primal instinct that we all have which seems to recognize that the world changes once the sun goes down. The mystery of the night fascinates us and it’s like you don’t know what you might get. It could be dangerous, exciting, scary or surprising. It’s still one of the great unknowns for all of us. So I wanted to write something that put that idea of light and dark into the context of a relationship because it all comes down to not giving up and having the faith to believe that you will pull through in the end”.

New Release “My Generation” From Ukraine’s Newest Chief of Trance, Oleg Farrier



Releasing worldwide through Intonenation Records is “My Generation” from Ukraine’s newest chief of trance, Oleg Farrier. Following up on the success of his recent releases “Phoenix” and “Samanta” with a more progressive cut, “My Generation” demonstrates Oleg’s undoubted big room potential without losing any of the trance credibility which has underpinned his earlier work.

Rolling out with a huge atmospheric groove, pushed along with vocal textures and swirling synth hits “My Generation” builds just like an anthem should into a poignant breakdown. As the vocal textures return with a rousing chord progression and staccato synth hits and push us over the edge into a drop that explodes with deep synth pads and an unstoppable groove. Just when you think “My Generation” can’t grow anymore it twists back on itself with halftime breakdown which surprises and excites.

“My Generation” is the anthem that the trance generation has been waiting on for so long. This is a musical rarefication of a community that supports, inspires and celebrates it’s members, so get out on the floor and become a part of “My Generation” tonight.

Adam Sobiech Releases His Latest Trance-Floor Crowd Teaser “Rush Hour”



The unsung hero of international dance floors, Adam Sobiech releases his latest trance-floor crowd teaser “Rush Hour” exclusively through Intonenation Records. Developing the progressive aspect of his production style, “Rush Hour” pushes into more melodic territory without losing the legendary Sobiech feel good factor.

Building from a clunky groove of modular bass hooks and classic beats “Rush Hour” takes off with a vintage synth melody introducing a brilliantly simple theme that serves as the center piece of the whole song. Dropping into a heavenly breakdown, slowly the theme re-emerges amongst swirling vocal chops and pads, growing steadily into a mesmerizing anthem. By the time the drop hits the theme has lodged itself firmly into your subconscious and you know that you’ll be humming this one for weeks.

When things get too pedestrian on the dance floor all you need to do is switch up your usual commute and hit the “Rush Hour” with Adam Sobiech.

Jon Bourne’s Latest Trance Gem “Midnight Painter" Out Now



Releasing worldwide through Intonenation Records is renowned Hungarian DJ and Producer Jon Bourne’s latest trance gem “Midnight Painter.” Following up on the success of his last release “Fuertaventura” with a more exploitative cut, “Midnight Painter” displays a deeper side of Bourne’s undoubtable talents.

Opening with an infectious vocal synth bass riff the track builds towards a graceful breakdown. Classical strings give way to a spectacular growing synth riff which begs you to grab some air synth and grows into a deafening crescendo. When the drop finally hits the track reaches an ecstatic peak before returning to the hypnotic bass riff on which it all began.

“Midnight Painter” takes you on the type of journey that made you fall in love with dance music in the first place. And whether you love Van Gogh, Degas, Kahlo or Picasso, the only painter that will get you on the dance-floor this spring starts around midnight.

Pop Plans for JES to "Get Me Through the Night"

Grammy Nominated Singer Songwriter Releases Pop-Crossover OUT NOW

Grammy Nominated Singer Songwriter Releases Pop-Crossover OUT NOW

There are few dance music vocalists as prolific as JES, whose mesmerizing voice has redefined the electronic dance music landscape with instantly recognizable classics like Motorcycle’s “As the Rush Comes,” the Grammy Nominated “Hold On” and the critically acclaimed “Everything” with the legendary Tiesto.

Joining the company of artists like Ellie Goulding, Paloma Faith, Zara Larson; JES becomes the newest thought provoking songstresses to cross over with her new single “Get Me Through the Night,” a poignant and emotionally stirring stand out from her upcoming EP. The track opens with her signature melodic synth and is soon joined by a deep bassline that carries through its powerful chorus. JES’s lyrical consciousness is on display with “Get Me Through the Night”, a commentary on the yearning for human connection in the vast emptiness of today’s hearts. JES wrote “Get Me Through the Night” as a message of encouragement to her listeners.

“When the night brings out the sadness of a messed up love, that emptiness can be filled with the strength of pushing through the bad times,” says JES when asked about the lyrics. “I wanted to write something that put that idea of light and dark into the context of a relationship, because it all comes down to not giving up and having faith that you will pull through in the end.”

Her autobiographical, emotionally-charged lyrics carry appeal to all generations of music fans; it is simply impossible to listen to a JES songs without getting involved. Her audience has bought her to every continent in the world excluding Antarctica, (but it’s on her bucketlist). Performing in Kuala Lumpur for Mercedes Benz at the launch of their new worldwide “Urban Hunting” campaign to playing intimate shows, her second home is the stage. JES has proven herself every bit as capable of a producer and artist in her own right as she is a vocalist and live performer. JES launched her own label, Intonenation Records in 2015. It’s first single “Hold On” received a Grammy nomination the same year for Best Remixed Recording. JES continues to invest in independent artists, releasing her own music and electronic music’s most promising talent on Intonenation. She has created a constancy of positivity and emotion into the electronic dance music genre. A student of yoga and meditation practices JES knows that connection & consciousness brings people together, especially in the form of music.


JES “Get Me Through The Night” is Out Today Exclusively on Spotify. Add it to your Favorite Playlist!



As a divided world looks for beauty and substance amongst our collective disillusionment, JES displays her unique tranquility in the form of a new acoustic series that shines positivity and light. With two releases already available on digital streaming platforms or as free downloads, the dance icon will release an un-plugged version of one of her hits, a cover or a new track every month throughout the summer and fall.

“I love to do these acoustic versions of songs because it feels like you get to communicate the song in the purest way,” says JES.

The latest release in the series, “In Ohm,” asks a simple question that drives to the heart of our shared unrest. With a simple arrangement of piano, guitar and strings beautifully framing JES’ candid vocal performance, “In Ohm” will sooth your senses.

“I honestly feel that “In Ohm” is more relevant now than when I first recorded it,” said JES. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from traveling, it’s that we have to work hard to overcome our differences because there is no them–there’s only us.”