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New Progressive Banger Jon Bourne "Elephant’s Dream" Out Now


Releasing through Intonenation Recordings is Jon Bourne’s amusing new trance-floor banger, “Elephant’s Dream.”

Following a string of well supported recent releases including “Budapest,” and the seminal “Future Stars,” “Elephant’s Dream” shows a new side of Bourne’s doubtless production pedigree. The track opens on a strong progressive vibe based on a simple but highly effective groove. As the beat reaches a hypnotic plateau and the bass-line does what a bass-line was always meant to do, soft vocal textures and a perfectly structured lead melody grab your attention and the “Elephant’s Dream” steps into reality. Subsiding back to the reassuring hypnotic base from which it came, this perfectly structured future classic leaves no room for disappointment.

“Elephant’s Dream” is the progressive warmup or terrace swinger your set needs this summer.