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Out Now Vibonacci & Starward “Rampage!”


Listen/Download Original:

Listen/Download MASiiVO remix:

Building on their solid remix history Vibonacci & Starward release the deeply energizing tech infused “Rampage!” along with a progressive house remix from MASiiVO in a double header through Intonenation Records.

Stewing in its own enraged saturation, the original mix makes inventive use distortion as a part of its main theme. Opening with a rolling techno rhythm track the bass riff builds into a suspense filled breakdown. Atmospheric vocal chops and stirring melodies build towards a reprise of the beat with an edgier bass-line as the song evolves with an impassioned  purpose. Raising once more through a more melodic breakdown the bass reprise brings a new level of angst and the riot begins again. Who needs therapy when you can “Rampage!”

The MASiiVO remix takes “RAMPAGE!” into a more progressive territory raising the mercury with repeating synth arpeggios and synth beats. Deep synth strings give way to synth drum crescendo and the groove takes off with modular melodies and complex layered textures. Blurring the line between tech house and techno MASiiVO’s remix will add depth and energy to any peak time dance-floor.