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New “Get Me Through The Night” Chill Mixes From JES


Following up on the success of the original Pop/Dance release which hit the #1 spot on the Beatport Dance Releases Chart for JES last year comes the “Get Me Through The Night” Chill Mixes releasing through Intonenation Records.


The chill mix blurs the line between chill and tropical house with deep plucks and a smooth Wurlitzer counter point, building to a deep groove and an enchanting drop section featuring melodic synth leads and pitched vocal chops. JES’ beguiling vocals remain the guiding light of the song set beautifully against the rich rhythmic backing track. 


Also included in this release is supremely revealing acoustic piano rendition of the song. JES delivers a truly authentic performance, re-interpreting the original version to great effect in a live setting and revealing her depth as both a singer and a writer. 


When asked about the lyrics of the song JES responded, “It’s funny how the night can be such an exciting time. It’s like a primal instinct that we all have which seems to recognize that the world changes once the sun goes down. The mystery of the night fascinates us and it’s like you don’t know what you might get. It could be dangerous, exciting, scary or surprising. It’s still one of the great unknowns for all of us. So I wanted to write something that put that idea of light and dark into the context of a relationship because it all comes down to not giving up and having the faith to believe that you will pull through in the end”.