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New Gozzi Remix of JES' "Let Him Go" Out Now

Hot on the heels of the original version’s Sirius XM Chill success, the uber slick dance floor pleasing GOZZI remix of JES’ uniquely re-imagined  Passenger cover “Let Him Go” will release worldwide on July 26th, through Intonenation Records.

Opening up with an insanely good feeling, “Let Him Go” instantly sets itself apart from the other dance floor fillers by combining a depth of emotion, with a depth of groove which can only be measured in fathoms. Dropping quickly to a simple breakdown, JES’ vocal cuts deep, instantly setting the tone for what must surely be an entirely new genre, good-time-goosebumps. Gozzi, the current king of the dance airwaves shows just why he’s been voted Remixer of the year 2019 by the renowned REMIX TOP30 Radio Show, and delivers his trademark groove and energy. Surrounded by the perfect frame, JES’ emotive vocal performance soars and swoops, heading towards an infectious drop that will have even the most tired feet working overtime. This is truly a track of no compromises, where every moment excites and excels more than the last.  

“Let Him Go” looks set to be the feel-good emotional roller coaster of the summer season, bringing feeling and groove together in a way so rare that you might not have experienced it yet. If you’re not one for compromise, then get down with JES & GOZZI and “Let Him Go.”

New “Get Me Through The Night” Chill Mixes From JES


Following up on the success of the original Pop/Dance release which hit the #1 spot on the Beatport Dance Releases Chart for JES last year comes the “Get Me Through The Night” Chill Mixes releasing through Intonenation Records.


The chill mix blurs the line between chill and tropical house with deep plucks and a smooth Wurlitzer counter point, building to a deep groove and an enchanting drop section featuring melodic synth leads and pitched vocal chops. JES’ beguiling vocals remain the guiding light of the song set beautifully against the rich rhythmic backing track. 


Also included in this release is supremely revealing acoustic piano rendition of the song. JES delivers a truly authentic performance, re-interpreting the original version to great effect in a live setting and revealing her depth as both a singer and a writer. 


When asked about the lyrics of the song JES responded, “It’s funny how the night can be such an exciting time. It’s like a primal instinct that we all have which seems to recognize that the world changes once the sun goes down. The mystery of the night fascinates us and it’s like you don’t know what you might get. It could be dangerous, exciting, scary or surprising. It’s still one of the great unknowns for all of us. So I wanted to write something that put that idea of light and dark into the context of a relationship because it all comes down to not giving up and having the faith to believe that you will pull through in the end”.



As a divided world looks for beauty and substance amongst our collective disillusionment, JES displays her unique tranquility in the form of a new acoustic series that shines positivity and light. With two releases already available on digital streaming platforms or as free downloads, the dance icon will release an un-plugged version of one of her hits, a cover or a new track every month throughout the summer and fall.

“I love to do these acoustic versions of songs because it feels like you get to communicate the song in the purest way,” says JES.

The latest release in the series, “In Ohm,” asks a simple question that drives to the heart of our shared unrest. With a simple arrangement of piano, guitar and strings beautifully framing JES’ candid vocal performance, “In Ohm” will sooth your senses.

“I honestly feel that “In Ohm” is more relevant now than when I first recorded it,” said JES. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from traveling, it’s that we have to work hard to overcome our differences because there is no them–there’s only us.”

JES “Dreamweaver” (DAIMM Remix)


Some things remind us of the past. Some things allude to the future. Releasing worldwide through Intonenation Records is the DIAMM remix of JES’ reworking of “Dreamweaver” which manages to do both at the same time.

Making the most of a stunning vocal performance from JES, DIAMM frames this 1970s classic song with a massive Future House remix. Dreamy piano’s and pads give way to pulsating synths and detuned vocal riffs as the track develops from emotive phonetics into a pounding beat to get the dance floor shaking. Bold sounds and inventive twists keep the song unfolding and will make you hear “Dreamweaver” in a way you never thought possible. Take a step into the future with JES and DIAMM, and weave your dreams today.



Stretching the concept of late to the party to breaking point are Vegas beat smiths Vibonacci & Starward with a hypnotic deep house inspired remix of JES, Austin Leeds and Redhead Roman’s “Happy.”

These upcoming sin city DJ’s have created a polished twist on the original song with captivating circular synth lines and graceful flowing vocal melodies. Bringing the groove on strong is a heavy dose of latin influenced percussion and a deep tropical baseline which will keep any pool party dance floor moving into the sunset. Don’t worry, be happy with JES and Vibonacci & Starward. Coming to a pool party near you.


JES Debuts The Fatum Remix Of “Hold On” Via Group Therapy With Above & Beyond.


“I will never tire of hearing Tony's beautiful tone announcing a new release on "Group Therapy Radio!” It’s so exiting to be able to see the fans responses as the show goes out live. No matter how many times it happens it always feels like the first time! ~JES

It was quite a holiday weekend for EDM’s leading lady JES with the debut ofFatum's remix of her latest hit “Hold On,"  with Above & Beyond's "Group Therapy" radio show. A energizing, progressive trance version of her collaboration with rising stars Shant & Clint Maximus, the remix was also part of Fatum’s guest spot on Sunday’s Ajunabeats Worldwide radio show and rounded out the weekend with support from Myon and Shane as the “Track Of The Moment” on theirInternational Departures radio show. Layering vast slabs of shimmering synth chord work with uber progressive trance beats this exhilarating remix is set to become a summer classic. Expect to Shazam this soon.“

I really love the raw energy of the new Fatum remix of ‘Hold On.’ It’s amazing to see how their sound has grown into something truly unique over the past year. I have known them for a while and I’m so happy we got to connect with this remix and bring the fans something exceptional,” states JES.



Dance Music Powerhouse JES Releases Latest Single "Hold On" Through Her New Label Intonenation Records!

You can expect innovation and challenge from Intonenation," says JES. "I want to create an environment where progressive can progress."


Dance music star JES has already released two of this year's stand-out tracks – "Two Souls" & "Yai (Here We Go Again)" with Cosmic Gate. Now, the diminutive diva with the big voice returns with the debut release "Hold On" on her own, brand new label Intonenation Records. 

JES, who has achieved almost every career milestone possible in dance music, has launched InToneNation to gain more artistic control of her releases. As creative head, she will be helping to shape the musical output of the label, along with her handpicked team. 

"Hold On," out now, is a hard hitting, progressive house collaboration with rising stars Shant & Clint Maximus. Growing form a gritty bass groove into a huge vocal refrain, the song draws on the emotions of a troubled heart with an ultimately inspiring message.

"I first met Shant & Clint Maximus when I was on tour. Their passion and commitment to the craft impressed me right away. We have worked on some great remixes together, so it was a dream for us to be able to work on a full release together. 'Hold On' is very special for me. It's like the story of the label in a song and I wanted to launch the label with something that would have a universal appeal."


As the label grows, Intonenation will be a company that can nurture new talent and creativity. After being a part of the orchestral Electric Opus project, JES noted the obvious hunger the dance community has for new experiences.  The inclusion of more live elements in shows and performances is something you can expect from JES & Intonenation. Re