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Nemke Returns To International Dance Floors With His Brand New Track “Liberty,”

Serbian trance revolutionary Nemke returns to international dance floors with his brand new track “Liberty,” releasing worldwide through Intonenation Records. 

“Liberty” opens with an unfamiliar tech sounding twist, which builds quickly into a memorable trademark descending synth theme. Rising with a circular trance bass riff which grows underneath the beat, it approaches a breakdown with the synth theme hitting hard and the tension soaring. The breakdown hits like a tsunami of bass voices, obliterating everything that came before and a new world order is unmistakably laid bare. Reaching and climbing with piano melodies and sweeping strings, the breakdown develops into a massive saw synth theme which proudly stands alone while your hands reach for the sky. When the beat drops and the synths continue to grow the only thing left to feel is as free as your dancing feet. You have been liberated!

Call it freedom, autonomy or emancipation, the only place where you will truly find your “Liberty” this summer is on the dance floor, with Nemke.