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New Prog-Groover "Lofti" Out Now By Jon Bourne

Jon Bourne, the quickly rising one to watch of the progressive movement returns to all dance floors near you with “Lofti,” his latest prog-groover on the esteemed Intonenation Records.

Bringing the emotion and the groove together, “Lofti” is an inspiring 6 minutes of highly charged groove and bass. Walking a fine line between melodic techno and progressive house, “Lofti” also draws on elements of progressive trance giving it a compelling cross-genre appeal. Rising continually through breakdowns and rolling plateau drops, textured layers of vocals and synths effortlessly build in intensity. As the pounding groove keeps’ your feet moving, the ever-expanding energy wave moves your hands skyward and “Lofti” has caught you in its subtle grasp. So get down with Jon Bourne and “Lofti” this summer and you won’t know what hit you, until it's too late!