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Jon Bourne’s Latest Trance Gem “Midnight Painter" Out Now



Releasing worldwide through Intonenation Records is renowned Hungarian DJ and Producer Jon Bourne’s latest trance gem “Midnight Painter.” Following up on the success of his last release “Fuertaventura” with a more exploitative cut, “Midnight Painter” displays a deeper side of Bourne’s undoubtable talents.

Opening with an infectious vocal synth bass riff the track builds towards a graceful breakdown. Classical strings give way to a spectacular growing synth riff which begs you to grab some air synth and grows into a deafening crescendo. When the drop finally hits the track reaches an ecstatic peak before returning to the hypnotic bass riff on which it all began.

“Midnight Painter” takes you on the type of journey that made you fall in love with dance music in the first place. And whether you love Van Gogh, Degas, Kahlo or Picasso, the only painter that will get you on the dance-floor this spring starts around midnight.