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Khievo Releases His Inspired New Dance Floor Filler Waterbourne

Trance vanguard Khievo releases his inspired new dance floor filler Waterbourne through Intonenation Records on September 14th. Layering thematic beauty with a feel good high energy rhythm track, the Ukranian inovator draws on this compositional skills for a result which is both contemporary and timeless.

Opening with a playful introduction Waterbourne feels like an invigorating blast of cold water on a hot summers day. From the start a solid underscored groove grows as the beginnings of the piano theme emerge and the track plunges into a deep breakdown. The piano theme develops and finally gives way to a captivating saw melody and the track rises again towards an impending crescendo. As the energy level rises and the drop kicks fully in the puzzle pieces fit perfectly together and Waterborne sets sail for peak hour taking the dance floor with it.

If you’re looking for a dancefloor adventure it’s time to cast off with Khievo, and get Waterborne.